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Facial Cupping

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates, November 20, 2017:    Marina Kuchkina, face fitness instructor at Pilates Academy Dubai, in the Jumeirah Bay X2 building in the Jumeirah Lake Towers area of Dubai on November 20, 2017. Christopher Pike / The National

Reporter: Hafsa Lodi
Section: Lifestyle This month, she started teaching her technique at Pilates Academy in Dubai, where clients can learn how to exercise their facial muscles, thereby improving blood circulation, toning their faces and reducing signs of ageing. Kuchkina explains that while people tend to blame the skin when they age, the skin is, in fact, our ally. Signs of age, she says, are the results of what is happening underneath our skin with our facial muscles, which we hardly exercise. “During our lives, we do a lot of anti-face fitness,” she says, explaining that hours looking at a computer screen can damage the posture of our necks and, subsequently, the muscles in our faces. Immediately debunking any myths about facial fitness being more like a massage than a physical activity, she starts her classes by working out the spine, shoulders and neck, before moving on to the face. Kuchkina’s approach targets areas such as the forehead, eyelids, cheeks, lips and jaw. She explains that wrinkles aren’t what make the face look older, but rather, it’s the minor changes that affect its proportions, such as the corners of the mouth, which tend to fold down with age. One of her techniques involves putting a spoon handle between your lips. With your lips tucked inwards, you use your mouth to put pressure on the spoon and lift it, while focusing on pulling your lips as far back inside your mouth as you can. This, she says, will help the corners of your mouth sag less as you grow older. Kuchkina highlights how many of the face’s muscles are linked to the brain.

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